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More than 10 years have passed since the beginning of my professional dominatrix life style. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all the dominas, submissives and friends who gave me support in the realisation of my envies and projects. They truly contributed in the development and the becoming of a radiant and mature young woman.

Yes, through all these years, I may have learnt how to manipulate implements, but a session with me goes far beyond these technicalities. Today, I find that it is way to easy to grab a whip, say a couple of swear words, and think that acting in such way is tantamount to being a “mistress”. Such superficial approach is not acceptable. The simplification of a complex personal human experience omits a part of the psychological play providing electrifying, nay memorable sensations.

My expertise, creativity and sensitivity allow me to adopt a personalized approach with a slave. Attentive to his deepest fantasies, participation in terms of ideas and suggestions for a scenario in a session is a real turn-on for me. I love new ideas and exchanging. Newbies or experienced are equally welcome. Candidates that I am looking for are open-minded, respectful and positive, and especially devoted to their mistress.

Self-growth through sexuality is an ongoing lifetime process, requiring patience and self-introspection. My role will be to guide you and counsel you through this exciting journey. My aim is a progressive and ongoing relationship. Every single session will push your limits slowly but surely, and help you discover more on yourself. You will stay marked by my multiple disciplinarian talents and my fertile imagination. I am playful and sensual, yet sadistic and strict. I will take control of your mind, body and soul. The moment you step through my door, my bewitching gaze will pierce you. Loosing control will be unusual…You will be surprised how you will enjoy tasting every second of this journey of pain and humiliation. The key to the ultimate pleasure is simply surrender and let go of shame and denial, and truly embrace this ecstatic moment.

Looking forward to dominate you,
Mistress Aveena


Body Measurements :

I am 29 years old
I am 5 foot 5 inches or 165cms
I am 125 pounds or 56kgs
My bust size is 36B
My waist size is 4 or 26 (size Small in clothes)
I am athletic (I work out, I run and do yoga)
I have black hair and dark brown eyes
My feet size is 8 US or 39 EU

Here's how I perceive BDSM:

In real life, BDSM for me is more than a simple 'job', it's a real hobby and real passion for me! I attend all kinds of fetish and play parties, participate in seminars on different BDSM related subjects, read fetish literature and much more! I have a thirst to see more and to learn more while having fun! I am someone passionate about life, optimistic, determined, ambitious and especially, dynamic and open-minded. I am always eager to try out new experiences.


What else???

Believe it or not, being a Mistress is not my one and only occupation; I am a student(yes, still.  Studies can be long)and I do take my studies seriously ☺


During the first encounter, you will be facing a young woman with an enchanting aura. She is charismatic and cultivated. She is epicurean, sophisticated and sexy. She has a unique intellect and multidimensional personality. She is curious and loves to engage into rich discussions about various topics such as history, economy, geopolitics, finance, film studies (big fan of Wes Anderson and Andrei Tarkovsky) and so on. She keeps on growing by feeding on life, experiences and sharing a passion that she found in BDSM.


Since BDSM takes a big place in my every day life, I will pursue it after finishing university. I do prefer long-term relationships with my slaves in order to deepen the experience. I am simply there as a guide, hence, the individual has to do some personal work in order to contribute to his own growth. 

Never lose sight of the fact that all human felicity lies in man's imagination
Marquis de Sade

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